About The Exhibition
Extended until Sept 21!


The Light which Reveals the Alarming Ghosts — August 3 - 31, 2018

LIFEWORK Gallery presents The Light which Reveals the Alarming Ghosts, a pop-up exhibition of media-based installations, at the Coachella Valley Art Center (CVAC), located in Indio, CA, for the month of August. The exhibition centers on the notion of revealing hidden subjects and narratives that often go unnoticed in day to day life, those which are overlooked or even deliberately ignored - our figurative ghosts - yet form an invisible tapestry woven by infinite threads of our collective history as a humanity. The exhibit features work by Griselda Calderon Lopez, Zach Fleming-Boyles, MLN17, and Kevin Townsend. An artist’s reception will take place at CVAC on August 3 from 6:00-10:00 pm; the event is free of charge and open to the general public with refreshments courtesy of Dead or Alive Bar, a craft beer and wine bar located in Palm Springs, CA. Additional programming during the run of the exhibition will include an art workshop, artist talk, film screening, and special performances. Details can be found at both the LIFEWORK Gallery and Coachella Valley Art Center websites.

About the Artists
Griselda Calderon Lopez is a visual artist and native of Palm Springs, CA, currently residing in San Francisco. Her art practice is comprised of an ongoing series of investigations exploring the nature of light, shadow, and space, which results in paintings, videos, installation, and poetry. Calderon Lopez’s work often includes personal and universally connected narratives such as the power of self-healing and wonder of cosmic magic.

Zach Fleming-Boyles is a painter and sound artist living in Palm Springs, CA. His artwork, which is part of a larger project, the Absurdist Research Institute of the Desert, ranges from psychedelic paintings of personified cacti to abstract electronic sound production and performance art. Fleming-Boyles’ ongoing experiments seek absurdist solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

MLN17 is a multidisciplinary artist based in the Coachella Valley and owner of LIFEWORK Gallery. Her work is driven by continuous inquiries into the complexity of the psyche, highlighting human interconnectedness and behavioral motivation, with projects often resolving in unrelated forms such as political paintings, provocative video and sound work, performance, and anonymous public interventions.

Kevin Townsend is an artist and educator currently living in Overland Park, KS. Townsend’s practice is the distillation of an obsession with the physics and phenomenology of time and a deep fascination with its gradual accumulation in our minds and bodies as a subjective experience. His current work combines elements of drawing, sound, video, installation, and performance resulting in works that are temporary, durational, and often public.

About the Coachella Valley Art Center
The Coachella Valley Art Center was designed to be a place where new intersections of art and culture emerge. In times where our community relies on the Arts more than ever, CVAC will serve as an epicenter of creative output. CVAC is the beginning of a solution to meet the needs of the Coachella Valley’s ever-growing creative community and is headquartered in a 17,000 square foot building that has been a part of Indio’s downtown for decades. Along with cultivating artistic growth and exposure within the community, CVAC showcases and preserves the founding ideas and history of art through gallery exhibits and a wide range of educational programs and workshops. CVAC Address: 45-140 Towne St., Indio, CA 92253